Don’t Let What WAS Get In The Way…

…Of What’s NEXT

“Please don’t let what was get in the way of what’s next and don’t forget that what’s to come hasn’t come yet” Obviously this quote isn’t some bible verse…it’s from a Devendra Banhart song. I’m the type of guy that lives by quotes and this certain quote is one that I try to remember every day.  It was especially important to me during the time when I started school again.  I wasn’t the ideal student when I first came to school back in 2008.


It only took two short years before I dropped out and it took me over five to come back. If it wasn’t for the fact that I found the love of my life during those two dim years, it would have been a total wash.  I think the biggest thing that was missing during those first years was the lack of a good community for me. Luckily God works in mysterious ways and He led my wife and I to the Wesley.

The Wesley wasn’t always as immaculate as it is today. At one time there were holes in the ceiling, dirty furniture, and not much happening here. My wife and I were lucky to be involved in the rebuilding process of this wonderful place and throughout got to watch a community start and grow. This is a place that I can feel comfortable in being myself. None of the people that come here are the same and none hold judgement. Instead, you have a community that just wants to help and love everyone who walks through these doors.  It also doesn’t hurt there is a top-notch coffee shop in it that supplies my caffeine needs. 

Like I said before I’m a guy who lives by quotes and if there was a quote that describes the mindset of the people that come to the Wesley it would be this, “Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good.”  If you haven’t come to the Wesley for more than free lunch I would say your missing out and recommend coming to visit us another time. Maybe there will be a cup of coffee waiting for you and you’ll get why here at the Wesley we live in Kairos time, God’s time, with one another. I’ll leave you with a quote just for fun “let all that you do be done in love”.  Now that one actually is in the Bible!      ~ Ryan ~