The Difference Between Telling….

….and Showing!

Before I came to college, my grandmother and her boyfriend constantly told be about the SELU Wesley on campus.  I told them time after time that I would check it out once I got to college…and I meant it!  I meant it, but I knew that I would show up and it would just be some place that would just shove the Bible down my throat.  I loved Jesus and my church, but I didn’t want to spend my time outside of class still being taught the things I knew!  Halfway through the semester my grandmother called me and gave me a time for one of their events, so I finally relented and decided to go.  

I walked in and immediately was asked who I was and introduced to everyone.  It was the most welcoming place I had found on campus.  The first thing that got my attention was no one was shoving anything down my throat.  I wasn’t being taught I was shown!  The director, Sam, was SHOWING, the big boss Melissa was SHOWING, even her husband Ryan was SHOWING.  We were all SHOWING and LEARNING because we were discussing Jesus and the Bible on our own time and our own free will.  No questions or topics were off limits.  


Next thing I knew they gave me opportunities to show Jesus in my favorite way… work!  They gave me the opportunity to work to help get things ready for the free lunch on Wednesdays.  The opportunity to save a man from sleeping under a bridge.  They even were crazy enough to make me the Events Coordinator so I could work with all the great groups that use the building.  

I love this place for its openness and ways of showing Jesus, even through coffee.  By far though, the thing I love the most is how easily these people have become my family.

Hope to get a chance one day to SHOW you what I’m (we're) talking about!

~ Zach ~