A Community of ONE…

…But Made Up of MANY

"Free Lunch Wednesday" you say? Yes, that sounds lovely…I do believe I'll attend.

Interestingly enough this establishment is nothing like I had expected, nor the people for that matter.  Some people have tattoos, some don't, some are young, some are old, some play music, some play video games, others study, one thing that seems to be shared is a spirit among them.   A visible energy of kindness.  It seems they enjoy serving food and nourishment for the soul.


Light hearted and at peace they seem to understand and comprehend service to others.  I cannot help but find myself drawn to the cafe where cookies and coffee can be found.  Truly a treat, while music fills the cozy atmosphere. People sporadically placed throughout the building enjoying simply being in the now and present moment.  A community of one, but made up of many.   Conversations stimulating the mind in a most delightful inviting way.  Everyone doesn't share the same views or opinions, but they share the courtesy to listen respectfully. Engaging and interacting is as natural as water to a spring.  This place seems to be filled with genuine, authentic, agape love and people emit a settling sense of ease and comfort I cannot deny. 

It is so mystical I question if it's real, and if so, can and will this magical love be untapped for me? Can I also bond on a level less than superficial to understand a greater simplistic view of friendship? It seems there are no requirements, test to pass, styles or groups to fit into, just come as you are, but leave living and wanting better!  It's not only being discussed it is being shown. To feel comfortable even when I might not be comfortable with myself!  To recognize I do not have all the answers nor do I need them; however, I feel this is a great place to start and I won't have to feel alone.  

Yes, I've found all this by walking through the doors of the Wesley Foundation and it was only Monday. They're serving more than free food, and more than one day a week! Yes, I do look forward to becoming a regular. 

~ Jeremy ~