As we walk around campus…

…we can’t help but cringe as I come across the union when there’s people there with signs damning everyone to hell.  We cringe because we can’t help but think that their words are all that some people know of God.  We cringe because those who either don’t believe or are struggling with what they believe are seeing those signs that don’t represent the loving God we’ve come to know…

...because they might be the only view of Jesus someone sees in this world.

It’s because of this that our lives and the way we live them needs to say something about GOD.   We can only hope that every aspect of our life would reflect Jesus in every way possible.  That our words and actions would show everyone we come in contact with GOD’S love and kindness and grace that we have experienced because we firmly believe that...

...WE might be the only Jesus someone will ever see in this world.

We all touch peoples live every single day, whether we know it or not. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just put aside our judgements and show people love, grace, and compassion no matter who they are or what their story might be? To truly see that people are just people.  We’re all just trying to make it through that 8am we didn’t really want to take, or that job that drains the life out of us. 

We are all just trying to figure out how to live and…hopefully…find some happiness while we are here.   

Maybe even give happiness!

One of the the best way we’ve ever heard it explained is this….God is the “product” but we are the “package”. When we think about it, this paints a great picture.  We all buy something based on what the package looks like, the marketing, how it’s presented. What if Christians lived their lives as marketers for God…as the package? What if instead of telling people their faults, sins, and mistakes we tell people they’re love, wanted, and welcome here.

Know this…YOU ARE LOVED, WANTED, and WELCOME …here at the Wesley…and especially by God.