Look What YOU Did!!!

Did you know that drinking coffee can do more than change your world?  Did you know it can actually change THE world?  The first full month of Spring Semester is finally over, and YOU have already made a BIG difference in someone’s world!  With the help of y’all, the students of SELU and patrons of Kairos Koffeehouse, we were able to donate $700 to the SELU Food Pantry.  All from YOU enjoying one (or more) of our yummy beverages, gourmet breakfast items, and vintage sweets.  How?  Why?

Kairos Koffeehouse
A different kind of place

When we first began to reimagine the Wesley, we looked at the campus we served.  One of the first things we noticed is that there are only three coffeeshops on the campus of Southeastern.  This was a crime!  No, really, we needed to remedy the need for caffeine… and community. 

We love coffee and we love community.  That is why we thought it would be a great idea to combine the two together.   All of our menu items are of the best quality made by skilled volunteers.  We offer all of our items through "Suggested Donation.”  You can pay more… you can pay less… or you can have your menu item on us.  We just love making folks smile.  

All proceeds from our menu items allow us to keep Kairos Koffeehouse in operation, with the majority of those proceeds going to a local charity.  This semester, we (and you) will be partnering yet again with the SELU Food Pantry, as well as our Wesley Scholarship Fund.  (That’s right, you can help other students with their education).

As you enjoy your menu item, know that someone else will be benefiting from your investment in a tasty beverage or treat.  If you have any thoughts on other local charities we can partner with in a future semester, just let us know.  Oh… and if you don’t see something you want on our menu, tell us what you want and we’d be happy to make it for you.

- The KK Baristas -