It’s Time For Our Weekly Gatherings

Kairos Mondays.jpg

If you’re reading this; CONGRATULATIONS!!!  YOU MADE IT!!!  You’ve it through the first month of this semester! With September being the first full month of this semester. it’s time for us to start up our weekly Kairos Gatherings again on Mondays.  Our weekly gatherings are a mix of rest, fun, work, and community.  They begin at 6:30pm and will wrap up…ummm…whenever!  

The schedule will look a little something like this:

  • Time “Off” - This will be the first Monday of the Month. We won’t meet on this day., but we do share share the Eucharist.  Use this time to relax with friends, catch up on some sleep.  One requirement…REST!
  • Time “In” - This will be the second Monday of the Month. On this night we will discuss a current event.  We also enjoy some snackage, and most important enjoy each others thoughts.
  • Time “Out” - This will be the third Monday of the Month. This day is about giving back to the community!  We spend the evening with the folks at the Villas of Hammond.  We eat together, share in Eucharist, and help out in whatever ways they need.
  • Time “Up” - This will be the forth Monday of the Month. This will be the night we discuss the big questions like ‘Who is God?” and “Who Am I?”.  

Here at the Wesley, we believe that God is always speaking.  The question is whether we are listening?  

The Wesley is a come-as-you-are, keep-it-real community committed to finding out what it means to live like Jesus, and what it means to lead others to Jesus.  There is no question that is off-limits, and you do not have to believe in order for you to belong.  We only ask that you will consider seeing yourself as we see God see's you! That you will consider that you are a child of God and you are worthy to be loved.  

Hope to see you Monday Nights!